Different Use Of Graph Paper or Printable Grid Paper

The concept of Use Of Graph Paper is a concept with which we all are familiar. The grids on the paper are of same sizes and it covers the whole of the sheet. A graph paper is also called a coordinate paper, grid paper, or squared paper.

We are here going to provide you Printable Graph Paper templates of every type and in every size. You can just simply download them from here as PDF and after that print them from your computer.

How to Use Graph Paper For Math

How to Use Graph Paper For Math

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Graph paper is a math tool which is mainly used in mathematics to solve mathematical problems. Here we shall ventilate about the use of a quadrille for maths. A line grid is a paper constructed by small segments of small consecutive lines. When we draw a graph on a graph paper, we first make coordinates which are x-axis and y-axis. We provide graph paper with coordinates already printed on them and with numbers so you will need not to spend time with a ruler and pencil.

Suppose we have coordinates like (2,3) and (5,2), how we are going to locate them on the graph paper. Here the 2 and 5 are representing x-axis and 3 and 2 are representing y-axis. Plot these points on the axis. 2 and 5 on the horizontal line which is x-axis and 3 and 2 on the vertical line which is y-axis. And now you will join these points together and the outcome will be your graphical representation of these coordinates.

This is how you can use graph paper in maths. It is the easiest and the simplest and also the basic manner of using a graph paper. Another thing you can use graph papers is to teach your child how to write numbers and symbols in a box. You can teach them multiplication table and it will help them to understand the spacing between the lines.

Use of Graph Paper

When you ask someone for what purpose they use graph papers, they will probably say the same thing, for graphing. But if you will ask an artist this question he or she will reply that they use it for making designs. It is because graph papers are a great surface for making any designs and figures.

When you make any design, you need to measure the length and distance between each line and then you can draw a perfect figure. If you use a blank sheet then you have to make those lines with your hands. But if you will use graph paper for it, then you will not have to make them and you can directly start designing your figure.

A basic grid paper is a two-dimensional graph paper, but the Isometric Graphing Paper is a sculptural paper. By using it will give your design a three-dimensional perspective. Similarly, with the Hexagonal Graph Paper, the formation of the boxes are not square. But are in the shape of hexagon so you can make illusional figures.

There are many other graph papers which are designed only for craft purposes, such as Knitting Graph Paper, Seed Bead Graph Paper, Crochet Graph Paper, etc.

So now you know the different and creative ways of using graph paper.  You can choose from and use graph paper however you want. In order to so, you can download all these graph papers from here and print them.

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